31 Juillet 2021 à 08h56 - 696

The few things interesting in PHP

At the WorldWide Developer Conference 2021, the mark of the apple has amply demonstrated thatphp montreal is the best. Indeed, he has presented numerous updates on its applications but also announced the release of new apps. We have, for example, could see the new version of OS X called El Capitan or the new iPhone and iPad management software that we all know as the iOS 17 which will be launched by the fall. Apple pay can also now be available in the UK by July. It is a payment system that its users can use for paying anything they buy. Notes and maps has also seen some updates like Apple Watch and iPad. But not only that! Indeed, we could also see a new music streaming service called Apple Music and a new application called Apple News.

Apple Music

After the launch of iTunes Store there a few years ago, Apple presents a new music streaming service called "Apple Music and Spotify”. It is entirely available by subscription. So you can find all the singles you want to learn in one place thus in a single mobile application. Yours but also those of iTunes streaming or by download. This service has several curators of human music as three radio stations, including one in New York, Los Angeles and London. If you have a favorite artist, you can discuss directly with it. You'll pay $ 9.99 per month. Note that Apple Music opens to Android system by the autumn. It will be available from the end of the month on iOS 8.4 with new versions of iTunes for OS X and Windows.

Apple News: a native app

Apple News: a native app. This application is intended to compete with Flipboard. It has the same principle as Facebook Instant. This means that publishers can integrate their interactive content on the platforms for this. For users, there is nothing new. What is disappointing especially for fans of the brand who admit today to prefer the digital publishing in its place.



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